Woman need more sleep: Why should women sleep more than men

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Women need more sleep to stay fit

Study says women need more sleep than men as their mind needs rest

Woman need more sleep: Both men and women have different needs of the body. When it comes to physical needs, emotional fulfilment, financial security etc. they differ in every aspect. Woman’s body needs more rest than the man. It has been studied that women are more prone to sleep issues, depression, insomnia etc. As a result, their mind needs extra rest than the man. Not just on the basis of gender but the age group also leads to the fluctuation in sleeping hours. Kids need to sleep for around 10 hours to give a break to their mind from the constant study pressure, whereas middle-aged woman needs to sleep for 7-9 hours on an average. Here are the reasons why a woman needs more sleep than man. (Also read: How to improve the quality of your sleep as you age)

The need of sleep in the woman: Why do women need more sleep than men?

  • Busy schedules
  • Hormonal changes
  • Need for rest
  • Lack of sleep leads to weight gain
  • Multitasking

Busy schedules
Women have a busier schedule than men. Not just they manage the household chores but their professional life too. As a result, they are on a full day employment to the family. In fact, when a woman lies down to sleep, she has a constant rush of millions of things in her mind. This makes her tired both physically and mentally. Hence, they require more sleep than man.

Hormonal changes

Women body need more sleep than men to stay healthy
A woman needs more sleep: Hormonal changes like pregnancy leads to lack of sleep.

When it comes to hormonal changes, women are the great sufferers. right from puberty, pregnancy to childbirth and menopause, a woman comes across multiple hormonal changes. Besides this, they have many hormonal changes which impact their overall health. This makes their brain and body tired. As a result, their body demands more sleep. (Also read: Insomnia during pregnancy: What are the causes of lack of sleep while you are pregnant)

Need for rest
Woman as compared to men, hardly get any rest. Well, we all know, no woman is on leave even on Sundays. She is either serving her family or doing her job. When they do not get any rest, they deserve some extra sleep.

Lack of sleep leads to weight gain

Women need more sleep than men
Women need more sleep than men otherwise it leads to obesity.

Sleep deprivation often leads to weight gain. The women who can’t sleep properly or have disturbed sleep, have the tendency to weight gain. Most of the obese women have trouble sleeping and hence their sleep cycle gets disturbed. It even leads to depression due to high cortisol level in the body and makes them obese or overweight. (Also read: Weight loss at night- Ways to lose weight when you are sleeping)

Women are multi-taskers. They do multiple things at a time. It is thus obvious that they lose more energy than man. Their brain is working constantly which drains off their energy. Even a study shows that woman needs to sleep more than men for like 20 minutes extra.

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These are some of the reasons why women need to sleep more than men. Try to have a close watch to them and you will realise it is actually a fact. Read this article in Hindi as well.

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