Why sleeping without an underwear is good for the health of a woman

Why sleeping without an underwear is good for the health of a woman

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People feel quite ashamed when asked to sleep naked. But they should realise how important is sleeping without their innerwear or undergarments is. Our body and skin need air to breath. We often keep our body intact with lots of layers of clothes and undergarments for that matter. However, to ensure healthy and sound sleep, one must shed off clothes and then sleep. There is no shame if it brings good to your body. Not only women, even men should sleep without underwear to improve the quality of sleep and bless the body with various other benefits. Let’s read about the benefits of sleeping without an underwear. (Also read: What are the things you should never experiment with your vagina)

Why sleeping without an underwear is good for the health of a woman?

Helps to get rid of insomnia: Ladies, you must know this. Sleeping without an underwear helps to get rid of the problem of insomnia. While we take off our underwear when we are off to sleep, the temperature of the body settles down. It eventually helps us to sleep better. According to the experts the temperature of our body is maximum between 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. and thus we find difficult to sleep during these hours. However, removing underwear while sleeping helps us to have a sound sleep.

Prevents itching in genitals: All through the day, a lot of bacteria accumulates in and around our genitals. Besides this, sweating also causes bacteria to grow in the underwear and ultimately the genitals as well. Removing of underwear helps to get rid of the bacteria as the place tends to dry and there are fewer chances of harmful bacterial growth down there. (Also read: How to choose the right bra according to your size)

Prevents yeast infection: The moisture grabbed in the vagina might turn into a yeast infection. We all wear panties throughout the day, thus it is important to remove the underwear while you are off to sleep. This gives the fresh air to the vagina to breath.

Improves the quality of sleep: A lot has been said by the experts, that sleeping with clothes on the body leads to disturbance. It hampers the quality of sleep. Due to the difference in the level of body temperature, our normal sleep gets disturbed. Thus, one must shed off the underwear while they are off to sleep.

Helps to absorb nutrients: While we sleep naked, our body tends to absorb more nutrients. It helps to improve the metabolism of the body and thus improves the functioning of the sweat glands in the body. Besides this, it improves the functioning of the Sebaceous Glands which helps to regulate the oil production in the skin.

Other benefits: It helps us to wake up fresh in the morning. Besides this, it also influences the fat of the body. When we sleep without underwear the brown fat of the body gets activated and produce more heat in the body. It brings the level of cortisol down in the body and provides energy to us. (Also read: What are the things you must consider before shaving pubic hair)

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