Why Are Your Breasts And Nipples Itching

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Why Are Your Breasts And Nipples Itching

Your breasts bring out your personality and there are no doubts that you ladies find great to flaunt your shaped breasts. However, there are times when you feel discomfort inside. You may get itchy sensations time-to-time either on your breasts or around the nipple areas. Experiencing it rarely has nothing to worry but prolonged itchiness has to be considered. Thus, a medical consultation is then required. Therefore, get to know below the major causes of itching on your breasts and nipples. [Also Read: How to get rid of the rashes under breast area]

Dry Skin:

The dry skin is the primary reason for suffering from itchy breasts or nipples. The excessive losing of oil from the body or any soap can cause you dry skin making the breasts and nipples itchy.


The psoriasis is a condition which causes redness, irritation and itching on your breasts area. The condition causes discomfort which extreme itching. The red patches are formed on the skin when suffering from psoriasis. It is either due to the moisture or due to an infection. Another form of inverse psoriasis tends to attack the under breast area with red patches and extreme itching. [Also Read: Why Should You Not Wear Bra While Sleeping]


You may also suffer from yeast infection if your breasts are itching too hard with blisters and reddened nipples. It is caused due to the absence of essential bacteria on the skin.

Contact Dermatitis:

Contact dermatitis is a condition which causes a reaction when the skin comes in contact with an allergen or irritant. Sometimes you may use a product which may not suit to your skin like a talcum powder or a deodorant or any soap.


The mastitis is a condition when your breasts get swollen up causing redness at the time of breastfeeding. It is a serious condition as the milk ducts may get blocked causing bacteria to grow. It can lead to the formation of abscess if left untreated. [Also Read: What are the habits responsible for sagging breasts]

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