What Types of Period Cramps Could Be A Bad Signal For Your Health

What Types of Period Cramps Could Be A Bad Signal For Your Health

Women get cramps during menstruation. Some women get low cramps and some get intense cramping which brings many more physical issues. But this is something every woman has to face. Cramps always suck, no matter how the intensity is. But, you never know the cramps could give you some bad signals about your health too. Yes! It is possible. There are various types of cramps during your menstruation or PMS which can cause health problems. So, it is better to know about those signals. Hence, have a look at the following pointers. (Also Read: What Are The Most Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Period Cramps)

Extreme pain and super heavy flow:
Yes, it is true that some months you get a quite heavy flow and intense pain as well. But here we are talking about the extreme cramps and a heavy flow which cannot even let you move from the bed. You may have uterine fibroids. This issue happens on your inside or outside the muscular uterine wall. It causes acute pain because of the inflammation it creates on the wall against your uterus.

Low but constant pain for almost a day:
When you get low intensity but constant cramps and pain for almost an entire day during periods and even on your normal days, it is something dangerous. You could have developed a Pelvic inflammatory disease which is a serious health problem happens in the uterus, ovaries, or fallopian tubes. Not only this, there are chances of having STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhoea. These issues can create signs like this. (Also Read: How To Turn Your Period Days Into Happy Days)

Intense pain on the sides:
If your menstruation cramps are killing your belly sides or waist sides? There are possibilities that you have an ovarian torsion. This is nothing but developing a cyst on the ovary which creates ovary to twist, choking off promotes high blood flow. This pain is extreme and sometimes unbearable. This health issue can dysfunction the ovary.

Acute pain in post-IUD:
IUD is an intrauterine device, which is small and T-shaped birth control device.This gets inserted into a woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy. So many women face various problems with this device. In the initial month of placing this device, few women feel some cramping. But when these cramps become acute, it can be a siren for health issues.

Please note: If your period cramps becoming worse month by month, you could take these as a signal of your health issues. Do not take any action before consulting with your GYN-doctor. There would be a chance that your body changes and moving towards the menopause that is why you are facing some problems or you have just delivered a baby. There are a lot of things can be present behind these problems. So, as soon as you face these above health issues, consult with the doctor. (Also Read: What Happens When You Exercise During Periods)

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