What is the difference between period blood and spotting

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What is the difference between period blood and spotting

The bleeding process makes most of the women fall into tension. Though women bleed every month due to their menstrual cycle. But sometimes, an unexpected and unusual bleeding can be the cause of concern. Any bleeding other than the monthly period bleeding is spotting. This could be a normal vaginal bleeding before or after the periods. Most of the women know the track of their menstrual cycle. However, we must consider the fact that not all the bleeding or blood from the vagina is period blood. There are many other factors that lead to spotting of blood. Usually, the female body undergoes a lot of hormonal changes, which might also cause bleeding. (Also read: What are the reasons behind weight gain during periods)

What is the difference between period blood and spotting:

A difference in colour: Menstrual bleeding is usually red. There are blood clots that flow with the normal period blood. It is dark brown in the beginning but eventually turns red or blood red in colour. However, spotting is usually brown blood and different in texture. It also smells odd.

Timing: Menstrual bleeding is usually a cycle of 28 days. A day early or late is normal. Most of the women face the period bleeding around the fixed period of time every month. However, spotting is nothing but a day or two process which is quite irregular. (Also read: What Causes Early Menopause In Women)

Duration: Periods bleeding last for 5-7 days in a normal woman’s body. However, spotting is quite irregular and may last for only a day or two.

A pattern of bleeding: Usually menstrual bleeding has a fixed pattern. It slowly starts from less and then goes heavier and gradually becomes lighter and ultimately spots. However, spotting is irregular. It has no fixed pattern and is usually light.

Here are the few factors that cause bleeding but do not suggest periods bleeding:

During the implantation: As the sperm fertilizes an egg, and the process of implantation starts in the uterus, it leads to bleeding. The bleeding might be light but this does not suggest periods bleeding. IT may last for about one day or two at the maximum. It usually happens before the periods.

Breastfeeding time: If you are feeding your baby too much(breast feeding) then the process of ovulation usually suppress. The right time of ovulation is around 2 weeks before the first period, post delivery. Thus you need to be extra cautious as many women encounter blood spotting during this time. A female body undergoes many changes during breast feeding.

Miscarriage: Blood spotting during pregnancy is also common. However, it eventually leads to miscarriage in most of the cases. Sometimes heavy miscarriage bleeding is eventually considered as period bleeding. (Also read: What Are The Foods You Should Not Eat During Periods)

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