What Happens When You Switch To Menstrual Cup From Tampons

What Happens When You Switch To Menstrual Cup From Tampons

Many women use tampons during their period days. It is quite safe and comfortable. Nowadays there are various menstrual protection options available in India and the menstrual cup is one of them. Women in India gradually choosing this option to have safer periods. You have to wash Menstrual cup every day after using it. Anyone can use it for a longer period of time as it is not a use and throw product and it is super hygienic. It has great comfort and less exposure to toxins. But if you are a tampon user, then it might take you through some little inconveniences. What are they? Let us have a look. (Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odour Easily)

You may take some time to get used to it:
If you remember your first time of wearing a pad or a tampon at the age of 12, you will feel the same when you try a menstrual cup. It would definitely bother you for the initial days, but later on, you will be accustomed to it. You may feel that how to use a used cup again, but if you trust us you can try this, and then you will realise how comfortable it is.

No more period panic:
Imagine that irritating situation, when you are ready and set to leave for the office in the morning and suddenly you realise you have not packed extra pads or tampons in your bag. This period terror makes many of us feel so disgusted about periods. But if you start using a period cup, there would be no panic as this option is the safest one. You do not need to worry about the extra cup as you can wash and use it again. (Also Read: Important Menstruation Hygiene Tips Every Girl Should Follow)

You can save a lot of money:
Menstrual cups are easily available in various sizes and materials. Whatever you choose, you have to invest only for one time. But if you buy a packet of tampons with a little less amount than this, it would hardly last for 5 days or so. Hence, buying a menstrual cup would be quite beneficial for you as it is less expensive than tampons. The best part is, you can use a cup for 6 months. Moreover, if you use it well you can make it last longer for a year too.

The gross factor is less:
Many women think that using menstrual cups can bring gross factors. Yes! It seems so. But once you start using it, you would understand that it has less gross than pads and tampons. We all are women and dealing with menstruation is something we all have to realise. So, the best thing is picking a better option which serves more comfort to your ways during this time. (Also Read: What Are The Myths Regarding Menstrual Period)

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