What Happens When You Exercise During Periods

What Happens When You Exercise During Periods

How many of you think that exercising during periods is not good for health? If you think so, you are absolutely wrong. Exercise during periods is something every woman should do. We should break these myths which are making our period days terrifying. We have to live with periods, so why not taking out its positive sides and make our life better. Exercise is something works like magic to keep us fit and healthy. It does not limit itself with periods, pregnancy etc. If I can do, you all can do to make your health better. Hence, let us have a look how doing exercise during period days is beneficial. Hope this helps to break the myths. (Also read: What Are The Myths Regarding Menstrual Period)

Your PMS will be less:
Period symptoms are always annoying. You can try a lot but you can not help yourself to get out of the cramps, mood swings and other symptoms. PMS is pre-menstruation symptoms. If you hit the gym regularly, You will realise that your PMS is less intense. Exercise makes our physical as well as mental health stronger. So, when you exercise, your happy hormones secretion happens. Other than that, it controls the hormone fluctuation which tends to happen before period time. This signifies you should not stop exercising during your periods too.

Increases your comfort:
Period days make any woman feel uncomfortable. The continuous bleeding, endless pain, wetness, mood swings all together can be terrible to make a person feel disgusted. But, doing exercise can make your comfort level increased. Exercise helps in making the blood clotting go free. The deal cells and blood particles, together make a bond and make your period thicker and full of clots, which make you feel uncomfortable and have intense cramps. Hence, it is best not to skip exercises during periods as your comfort level is your first priority. (Also Read: What Happens When You Switch To Menstrual Cup From Tampons)

Improves your regularity of your menstrual circle:
If you exercise daily and you are a gym or yoga lover, your period’s circle is good and distraction free. You know that how beneficial the exercises are for your body. It makes all your inner body systems work without any distractions. From having a good cardiac system to reproductive system, exercise and yoga are great for your body. Your period inner circle depends on how perfectly your other body systems are working. So, it adds a benefit to your menstrual system too.

Please note: If your period is making you sick and you are having any gynaecological problem, then please do consult with your doctor as ask if you are allowed to go for exercises. It is always better to stay safe. (Also Read: Important Menstruation Hygiene Tips Every Girl Should Follow)

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