What Does Your Periods Tell You About Your Health

What Does Your Period Tell You About Your Health

The problem of periods is nothing new to us. We all women are accustomed to these four days hazardous phase. But, have you thought that periods problems can be dangerous for your health? We generally do not think like this. But, if you do not diagnose those heavy flow and minimum spotting on every month, you may get a shock. Because eventually, you get to know you have a disease from a long back. Without your awareness may be these diseases have started building up. Hence, we have come up with some information which can help you to know more about your own period pattern and health condition. Have a look at the following and know about it. (Also Read: What Are The Things Every Woman Should Know About Periods)

The shocking fact is, if you have super heavy flow, you may be anaemic. It is a condition in which your haemoglobin percentage present in your blood becomes very low. Haemoglobin is your red blood cell. Your body stops absorbing enough oxygen. Besides this, your body feels sluggish and gives you some comfortable symptoms such as dizziness, low blood pressure etc.

Thyroid Disease:
If your period suddenly behaves weird, like an irregular flow, it can be the cause of your thyroid disease. The Thyroid plays a very vital role in hormone production and regulation. So, once your thyroid gland is not working properly your period will also get disturbed as it is also related to the hormones. Hence, irregular periods are not always acceptable. Talk to your doctor once you have it. (Also Read: What Types of Period Cramps Could Be A Bad Signal For Your Health)

Uterus Cancer:
If you suddenly get irregular bleeding, bleeding after menopause, and bleeding in between menses it can be an alarming situation for you. Unfortunately, there will be a chance of some serious uterus problem. Moreover, if you have acute pain during sex, that can also be a symptom of this disease. Do not waste time and talk to your doctor if something like this is happening to you.

Eating disorder:
Your flow depends on what you are eating. If your diet is not right, in fact too poor, you may have an eating disorder. This is a psychological disorder which effects on our eating habits. Either you eat too much or you do not eat at all. So, your food habit makes the flow become irregular and make you feel discomfort. (Also Read: What Are The Most Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Period Cramps)

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