What Causes Early Menopause In Women

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Reaching the stage of Menopause between the age of 41 to 55 years is normal but many women reach their Menopause before they turn 40. There are several factors contributing to an early menopausal stage. Any kind of disruption caused in the normal reproductive system of a female body might lead to the onset of early Menopause. Thus they are referred as Premature Ovarian Failure.

What causes early Menopause in women?

There are many risk factors contributing to early menopause in women:

Surgery: Some women have to undergo surgeries that might result in early Menopause. Removal of an ovary and the uterus are the two most common surgeries which many women undergo. As a result of which there is a low production of estrogen and progesterone in the body. Also, early menopause can affect the women who are suffering from cervical cancer or might have undergone the surgery for the same. Thus, removal of both the ovaries leads to immediate menopause.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatment: Chemotherapy results in damaging the ovarian tissues, therefore, lead to the risk of premature menopause.

Defect in chromosome: Some baby girls are born with incomplete chromosomes which are knowns as Turner syndrome. Under this, the ovaries do not function properly and lead to early Menopause.

What causes early Menopause in women
It has been examined that women who smoke reach early Menopausal stage than those who do not smoke.

Autoimmune disease: Autoimmune disease refers to the disease where the immune system attacks a certain part of the body due to some failure. Out of which, Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the autoimmune diseases that attacks the ovaries and cause damage to the ovarian tissues. This leads to the arrival of early Menopausal.

Thyroid: Thyroid either leads to high production of hormones or too low. However, there are certain symptoms of thyroids that resemble with the symptoms of menopause like, mood swings, hot flashes, irregular menses and insomnia. However, if a proper treatment of thyroid is undertaken, one can prohibit the arrival of premature menopause.

Reduction in estrogen:
What causes early Menopause in women
There are certain medicines that reduce the amount of estrogen formation in the body. However, these medicines help us in coping up with major diseases, they become the harbinger of early menopause.

What are the symptoms of early Menopause?

The arrival of Menopause brings many internal changes in the body. Though, the frequency of these symptoms depends on the individual body yet they are almost common in every female body. Let’s have a look at the different symptoms of Menopause:

The irregularity of menstrual cycle.
Hot flashes
Vaginal dryness
Mood swings
Decrease of libido in the body
Increased need of urinating
Dryness of mouth, skin and even the eyes

Also, it has been diagnosed that women who suffer from early Menopause develop the risk of osteoporosis. There is a rapid decline of estrogen in their body which ultimately increases the risk of colon cancer, ovarian cancer and gum diseases.

How can we prevent early Menopause?

Though it’s absolutely not possible to escape early Menopause but we can make sure it happens normally by maintaining good and healthy body weight. We must quit smoking and involve yourself in physical activities. And do take up healthy plans.

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