What causes bleeding after sex while you are pregnant

What causes bleeding after sex while you are pregnant

We all are aware of the fact, that one can be physically active and indulge in lovemaking during pregnancy as well. Sex during pregnancy is safe if you have consulted your doctor. However, some women complaint about the bleeding that follows after they have been physically intimated. But wait, ladies, you must be knowing that once you complete 20 weeks of your pregnancy, then vaginal bleeding becomes a cause of worry. You must immediately seek your doctor’s help to know the reason. But do not panic as not all the bleeding suggest something serious. (Also read: What Happens When You Switch To Menstrual Cup From Tampons)

What causes bleeding after sex during pregnancy?
The cervix is sensitive while you are pregnant thus, you must be extra careful while you are pregnant. There are many reasons which make your cervix tender and more prone to bleeding.

Increase number of capillaries: The small blood vessels in the body requires a great amount of oxygen supply for the body of the mother and the fetus as well. Some of these capillaries accumulate near the vagina and the cervix as well. These small blood vessels are delicate and cause injury while you are having a sexual intercourse. (Also read: What are the signs and causes of a light period)

Increased supply of blood: There is a rapid flow of blood to the vagina and cervix. It eventually increases a pressure on the area around the cervix. It may lead to bleeding right after the sex

Cervical polyps: Polyps are the minor growths that take place on the cervix. The increase in the level of estrogen leads to the appearance of cervical polyps. These polyps are fragile and may lead to bleeding right after the intercourse.

What does this bleeding indicate?
Not all the bleeding from the vagina means miscarriage. The baby has been placed away from the region that is involved in intercourse. Here the baby is secure with an amniotic sac fluid which helps the baby to be comfortable. In case, you had a miscarriage once, your doctor will recommend you to not indulge in intercourse acts during pregnancy.

In case your bleeding is more than usual and quite serious you should consult the doctor. If the bleeding is accompanied by blood clots then you should seek your doctor’s advice. Besides this, if you have a high fever and feel dizzy, it might suggest something serious. Thus, make sure you do not delay in visiting the doctor. (Also read: Why picking the right kind of pillow is important for your sleeping cycle)

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