What Can Be The Causes Of Constant Menstrual Bleeding

What Can Be The Causes Of Constant Menstrual Bleeding

Menstruation is a natural process through which women discharge dead eggs and blood. It is a process which happens every after 22-28 days of every month. But some women may face irregularity and heavy-blood flow during this time. This happens because of hormonal disputes. Not only this, extreme cramping and nausea feeling also come along with the irregular periods. But the most usual problem most women face is prolonged or constant bleeding throughout the month. Menstruation problem can be extremely dangerous. Hence, have a look at the following and know about the causes of constant menstrual bleeding. (Also Read: Important Menstruation Hygiene Tips Every Girl Should Follow)

Problems with ovulation:
When you experience constant or prolonged menstrual bleeding, you may have dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB). DUB happens to a female body when the ovary fails to release the eggs. This creates problems in the ovulation. If the ovulation is not happening that means your body is getting high estrogen and very low progesterone. This hormonal disbalance lead to constant bleeding.

If your fallopian tubes have an infection, you may face prolonged or constant bleeding. You may get spotting too. But normal infection does not cause constant bleeding. It seems the infection has gone to very severe level and you need immediate treatment. So never ignore the signs of heavy bleeding. (Also Read: What Are The Foods You Should Eat When You Are On Your Periods)

Uterine Problems:
If you have problems with your uterus it may lead to prolonged and heavy bleeding. This condition is called adenomyosis, which thickens the lining of the uterus and grows into the deeper. This thickness generally turns into mass and starts bulging into the uterine cavity. This causes high bleeding due to the pressure.

Using of IUD:
Some women use an intrauterine device (IUD) which helps them to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It might be the probable reason for infection which occurs due to inserting of an IUD. That is why doctors ask to take necessary precautions regarding IDI. (Also Read: How To Avoid And Soothe Sanitary Napkin Rashes)

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