What Are Your Regular Habits That Can Lead To Yeast Infection

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What Are Your Regular Habits Can Lead To Yeast Infection

We all women know that vagina is quite a sensitive part of our body. Maintaining the vaginal hygiene is a very important task for all of us. Yeast infection is something which makes the vagina itchy and unhealthy. No matter how hard you maintain the basic hygiene, some of the regular habits are extremely unhealthy which invite yeast bacteria to attack more. Once the yeast bacteria enters the vagina, they create itchiness, redness and a pungent odour down there. That is why we are talking about those regular habits which are the real culprit and leads yeast infections. (Also Read: What Do The Various Types Of Vaginal Odour Suggest About The Heath)

Eating excessive sugary food:
When we eat too much of sugary and sweet foods, the candida bacteria comes easily. The more sugar you add to your diet, the more candida will take birth into your vagina. So, be a little wise while choosing your diet and have a healthy body and mind.

Wearing skinny and tight jeans:
When you wear a very tight and skinny clothes, the crotch area becomes trapped and clutched. That is why your vagina becomes suffocated and the continuous rubbing can make your vaginal skin become itchy and make a pungent odour. Eventually, it leads to yeast infection down there. (Also Read: What Are The Possible Causes Of Vaginal Itching)

Sitting too long at night:
Many of us have a habit of waking up late at night. To work something on the laptop or watching a movie, we like to sit or lean half against the wall. This can make the vagina stay trapped for the longest time. The self-cleaning mechanism is most effective during the night, but due to sitting continuously can make the vagina stay unclean and make the vagina itchy and odourful.

Extending the time of tampon usage:
When we wear a tampon, the period problems do not bother us much. That is why, once you wear it, it makes you feel like a happy bird. So, we hardly feel the urgency to chnage the tampon and entend its usage time. Moreover, the hectic schedule of work make us forget to change the tampon from time to time. This wrong habit can lead to yeast infection.

Drinking alcohol:
Do you know that alcohol can increase the amount of stress hormone in our blood? This hormone is called cortisol. So, when this hormon increases, it weakens our immune system and makes us more susceptible to yeast infections. Moreover, alcohol can increase the sugar in blood too which invites candida bacteria. (Also Read: What Are The Rules Every Woman Should Follow To Maintain Vaginal Health)

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