What Are The Ways In Which Your Periods Disturb Your Skin

What Are The Ways In Which Your Periods Disturb Your Skin

Period brings a lot of changes in your body. From messing with the hormones to your muscles those four days are like a punishment for every woman. The most disgusting thing about the periods is, it can disturb your skin throughout from the PMS stage. The fact behind this is, when the levels of hormones increase during the PMS phase, they stimulate the oils from the glands and mess up with your skin. As a result, you get acne, pimples, dry or super oily skin, patches and other breakout forms. Hence, when you suddenly get a pimple on your cheek, just calculate how far is your period. You are maybe PMSing. Let us have a look and know what are the ways your period disturbs your skin. (Also Read: What Does Your Periods Tell You About Your Health)

Regulation of the oil production:
Do you know when you are in your last 14 days of starting next periods, your estrogen level gets low and androgen level gets high. So your body produces a lot of oil through which your skin gets dull, patchy and oily. Hence, the formation of pimples and acne becomes easier. You get those unwanted skin problems suddenly. Do not take this lightly as in some of the cases this process can cause permanent damage. Besides that, it can promote bacterial infection as your skin hold a lot of oil this time. To get rid of it, you can use anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflamed properties.

Makes the pores larger:
The level of progesterone and testosterone increases in your body around your period days and especially on your Pre-menstrual syndrome phase. Hence, when you have larger pores, it attracts dirt and oil more than other times and makes your skin appear dark and patchy. So, you have to use a cleanser this time which has salicylic acid. This acid can purify clogged pores. This is how the entire skin problem can be treated during this time. But, do not forget to apply skin toner before going to bed at night. (Also Read: What Are The Things Every Woman Should Know About Periods)

Increases sensitivity of skin:
So, if your skin is getting dirt and oil more because of your larger pores, it can start breaking out during those four days. But, on the other side, the hormones that make your pores become clogged can also increase redness and sun sensitivity. Do not expose your skin to Sun without applying SPF. You may get tanned more than any other time.

Dry Skin:
When you are on your periods, your estrogen level gets low. This process can dring dehydration so, your skin looks dull and dry. You may notice one morning that the skin lacks its natural oil. Hence, do not use any oil removing facewash, rather use one oily cleanser and then hydrate your skin with a good moisturiser. (Also Read: What Happens When You Exercise During Periods)

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