What are the various menstrual problems

What are the various menstrual problems

Irregular menstrual cycles lead to a lot of problems. Every month, the onset of periods goes with cramps, mood swings, discomfort, pain etc. Menstruation can either be heavy or light and accordingly are the cramps and the discomfort. Every woman undergoes a different type of menstrual cycle. Some suffer light period while others have heavy and uncomfortable periods. The state of PMS is very disturbing and annoying. It leads to mood swings, fatigue and a lot of discomforts. Having an abnormal menstrual cycle is a serious health issue, it may lead to many other chronic problems. It’s important for a person to stay in touch with their doctor in order to communicate the entire issue to them as it may suggest something serious. (Also read: What are the habits responsible for sagging breasts)

The different types of menstrual problems are under as:

Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS: PMS is one of the most common problems that occur before periods. PMS comes along with many problems like bloating of the stomach, emotional distress, body ache, soreness of breasts, food cravings, acne, irritation, cramps etc. It is one such uncomfortable state which makes a person irritated.

Heavy periods: Heavy periods could be the result of some medical issue as well. It leads to heavy bleeding and also lasts longer than the usual time. This may last for more than 7 to 9 days. It is also known as Menorrhagia which is usually caused by the disturbance in the hormones. If you are in puberty or had an abortion, taking up heavy exercises then eventually your periods are tend to be heavier than usual. (Also read: What does your period blood tell about your health)

Painful periods: Sometimes the period is so painful that one regrets to be undergoing it. Besides the usual cramps, the pain becomes so intense that there is no option but to switch to medicines. In some cases, the pain is so intensive that one can’t bear the same. It could either be because of some pelvic inflammatory disease or the growth of some tissue outside the uterus.

An absence of periods: Some women skip their periods because of various factors. After reaching puberty irregular periods or missing periods is a common phenomenon. But this problem becomes serious if you do not get a regular period after 20 years of age. It could either be because of the problem of the thyroid, ovarian cyst, gain a lot of weight, some pelvic disease, pregnancy or menopause. The situation becomes serious. One needs to go to the doctor to get the immediate check up done. (Also read: What Are The Myths Regarding Menstrual Period)

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