What are the various health benefits of regular menstrual periods in women

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What are the various health benefits of regular menstrual periods in women

The regular menstrual cycle is a must thing for every woman. Maintaining the good hygienic periods is necessary for ensuring good health. There are immense benefits of regular periods in women. Disturbance in the hormones of a woman often results in the many various health problems. Weight gain, irritation, mood fluctuation, fatigue, etc. are some of the most common problems that a woman face. Thus, it is essential to address these health issues before they become too grave. The regular menstrual cycle also helps to keep the woman emotionally fit and mentally strong. (Also read: How does the diet affects the hormones of the body during menopause)

Here are some of the benefits of the regular menstrual cycle in a woman:
A regular period is often classified as a cycle which longs for 28 days. But sometimes, menstrual cycles take place at the interval of 21-36 days, still every month, then it is also normal for a woman.

Keeps the bone healthy: A good balance between the hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone etc. helps to keep the bone healthy and strong in a woman. There are other hormones too in the female body that should be in proper balance. Hormones like thyroid, parathyroid, cortisol, insulin etc should be in proper order. If any disturbance is caused in these hormones it eventually leads to irregular periods and will lead to a bone breakdown.

Keeps hormones in check: When you are undergoing regular periods, then the sex hormones of the body will be in proper production. It is quite visible when the hormones are in balance. It will keep you happy and light. Thus, there will be no irregularity of periods. (Also read: What is the difference between period blood and spotting)

Maintain a healthy weight: Usually, the fat accumulates around our belly. The overproduction of estrogen and the less of insulin also leads to making a woman obese. However, there is a certain situation which itself leads to excessive weight gain. Excessive physical exercise, emotional stress, too much physical exercise etc. So don’t do too hard of a physical work.

Proper thyroid function: Thyroid controls the functioning of every individual cell in the body. It even regulates the process of growth, repair and helps in regulating the metabolism rate in the body. When there is some disturbance in the level of thyroid hormones, it eventually leads to weight gain. High cholesterol, depression, and other various disturbance in the body is also a part of irregular periods. Hence a proper function of hormones leads to regular periods in the body. (Also read: What are the reasons behind weight gain during periods)

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