What are the various foods products that help to keep the vagina healthy

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What are the various foods products that help to keep the vagina healthy

Eating right and well-nourished diet is mandatory in order to stay healthy and fit. A woman usually undergoes the problem of vaginal itching, foul smell from the vagina and urinary tract infection. Thus, ensuring, a proper diet is must to deal with these day to day problems. All these issues usually bring a lot of uneasiness in the vaginal and the area around. In long run, a continuous problem down there in teh vagina might lead to some serious health issue. In order to keep your vagina away from any kind of infection, one must eat healthy. Minerals, vitamins, iron etc. are some of the nutrients that your vagina requires to stay healthy. Let’s discuss the food products that help to keep that vagina healthy. (Also read: What are the different types of vaginal bumps that every woman should be aware of)

What are the various foods products that help to keep the vagina healthy?

Cranberry juice: Cranberries are rich in the acid compound which helps to fight the bacteria present in the vagina. Cranberry juice helps to protect the vagina from urinary tract infection as well. But make sure you consume cranberry juice naturally. The canned cranberry juice contains a lot of sugar and thus it might increase the level of sugar in your body.

Sweet potato: Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and help to keep the vagina and uterus wall healthy. Not just this the presence of vitamin A in sweet potato helps to boost the sex hormone in the body and gives you immense energy as well. (Also read: Why sleeping without an underwear is good for the health of a woman)

Avocado: Avocadoes are rich in potassium, vitamin B6 and a lot of healthy fat. It helps to g=fight the bacterial and yeast infection in the vagina and helps to keep it healthy and fresh for longer time.

Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds help to regulate the menstrual cycle as they contain vitamin E. It even helps to eradicate vaginal itching and reduces the level of period cramps as well.

Green tea: Green tea contains polyphonic and kills the E-Coli bacteria present in the vagina. The presence of this bacteria leads to urinary tract infection. Besides this, it also contains caffeine that helps to reduce the signs of the premenstrual syndrome. (Also read: What are the side effects of smoking on women)

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