What Are The Various Exercises You Should Avoid During Menstruation

What Are The Various Exercises You Should Avoid During Menstruation

Those days are gone when women used to sit at home during menstruation. People are becoming more aware of exercises and its needs. Menstruation demands workout too. It helps the woman’s body to relieve the symptoms related to periods, like cramps, back pain, water retention, irritability etc. But that does not mean each and every type of exercises will be good during this time. There are only a few types of exercises a woman should practice this time. Hence, have a look at the following and know which exercises should be avoided during menstruation. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Of Ovulation Every Woman Should Know)

Cardio Exercises:
Cardiovascular exercises are good for health and it is recommended during the premenstrual phase. But during those 4 days of menstruation, practising cardio can be a little strenuous for a woman’s health. But as you are already on regular cardio exercises, you just have to minimise these exercises a little.

Certain Yoga:
During menstruation, you should avoid practising certain yoga poses. These are shoulder stands, headstands, or plough pose. These type of exercises can stop your period flow and make your periods irregular. (Also Read: What Can Be The Causes Of Constant Menstrual Bleeding)

Weight Training:
Although weight training exercises can increase your strength and boosts the metabolism, practising these exercises excessively can be harmful to your health. If you practice weight training like other days, it can lead to major cramps and discomforts for you. So, practise them moderately or decrease the amount of weight you lift every day.

Some specific dance styles:
During periods, you can not practice any exercise or dance style which requires your body upside down. This can make your period flow irregularly and can make you suffer from various health problems.

Some Cautions to follow:
It is always good to listen to your body first. If you are suffering from extreme cramps and back pain, do not command your body to work forcefully. You should choose gentle exercise and stretch routines over high-impact or strenuous workouts to have a better health during this time. (Also Read: What Are The Natural Remedies For PCOS Every Woman Should Know)

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