What are the various changes in the vaginal discharge during a menstrual cycle

What are the various changes in the vaginal discharge during a menstrual cycle

Even a slight change in the vaginal discharge is quite noticeable. Many women often freak out after undergoing vaginal discharge. However, having it is absolutely alright. Much to our surprise our vaginal discharge also changes throughout the menstrual cycle. Sometimes it is normal whereas it also shows the signs of some serious health issues. The changes in the vaginal discharge keep on changing during ovulation, after ovulation, while you approach your period and even when it stops. There are frequent changes in the amount and the colour of the vaginal discharge as well. Thus, one must know what all are the changes in the vaginal discharge during a month. (Also read: What are the various myths and facts about sagging of breasts)

What are the various changes in the vaginal discharge during a month?

During first five days of the menstrual cycle: The discharge during the few first days is quite less. It’s a slight discharge along with the blood. It is not much noticeable.

During next three days: It is the time when the level of estrogen is low in the body. Generally, it is accompanied with dark brown spots which are thick and clumsy. It is usually old and the leftover blood that finds its way out of the body now. Those whoa re trying to get pregnant, this is not the right time to try. The presence of dark brown blood often blocks the path of sperms. (Also read: Why wearing an ordinary bra during the breastfeeding is not safe)

From days 9 to 12: When the estrogen level in the body rises, the vaginal discharge eventually becomes creamy and also frequent. It doesn’t suggest the onset of egg but that period is coming close.

For next two days: It is the most fertile time of your monthly cycle. The vaginal discharge during this time is white in colour like eggs. It is slippery, thus it is also a fertile time as the sperm can slide to fertilise the eggs. If you are planning to get pregnant, this is the right time.

For next few days until the 28th day of the menstrual cycle: When the level of progesterone level rises up, the fluid becomes thicker and ultimately stops. However, during this time it is difficult for the sperm to swim.

However, these are the normal vaginal discharge conditions. At times, there is a change in the vaginal discharge colour as to green and yellow. This might suggest some yeast infection. Besides this, foul smell, itching, inflammation etc. may also suggest some infection or disease down there. (Also read: What are the various foods which are harmful to the vaginal health)

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