What are the various after care Bikini wax tips one must follow

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What Are The Tips You Should Know After Bikini Waxing

Waxing is the best way to remove hair from the body. It makes the hair growth less and removes the hair from its core. Many women prefer to wax their pubic hair which helps them to keep their vaginal area clean and without any irritations. Although there are a lot of other ways present which help them to remove the pubic hair. But, bikini waxing is the long-lasting way which prevents the hair growth and lightens the vaginal skin. But waxing on the most sensitive area like vagina can be quite harmful to some people. That is why we are here to let you know what are things you should do to soothe your pubic area after waxings. (Also Read: What Are The Healthy Choices Women Should Make Before They Turn 30)

Make sure you do not use warm water:
After getting the bikini waxing, you should not use warm water to your pubic area till 24 hours. In fact, do not go for hot shower bathing or sauna bathing too. This will may trigger infections and irritations on your skin.

Keep moisturising the area:
Waxing makes your public area appear red and it promotes swelling in that area. That is why after waxing your skin, the skin needs moisturisation which helps the skin to stay hydrated and nutritious. That is why you should apply moisturiser after doing the bikini wax. (Also Read: What Are Your Regular Habits That Can Lead To Yeast Infection)

Wear loose clothes:
After going for bikini waxing, you have to wear loose clothes which will help your pubic area to stay well aired. If you are plugging hair from the roots, your skin needs air circulation which helps the pores to heal faster. The more you wear tight clothes, the more suffocated your skin will feel. This may lead to infections and burning sensation on your skin.

Apply ice cubes:
If your skin is having the problem of irritation and burning sensation, the ultimate option which you should choose is to apply ice cubes to those areas. Right after bikini waxing, you should apply some ice cubes to cool down the inflamed and swelled area. As the pubic area is very sensitive, you should not rub the skin much.

Use cooling gel or toner after waxing:
Not on just for your pubic area, every waxing needs a cooling gel or toner to soothe the skin. You have to make sure, you are not bleeding from anywhere after waxing. Applying a cooling gel, like aloe vera, cucumber and mint can make your skin better and healthy again. (Also Read: What Are The Foods You Should Eat When You Are On Your Periods)

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