What are the unexpected health hazards of wearing high heels

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health hazards of wearing high heels

Health hazards of wearing high heels

Most of the women like to wear high heels to look extra tall or feel that it makes them appear better. There are certain jobs as well where women are required to wear heels as a part of the uniform. Even though the heels look beautiful they are are not good for your health. The higher your heels, the worse is the health of your legs. Sometimes this situation turns really bad and you have to take a doctor’s help about the same. It is advised that you should wear the high heels only on rare occasions, instead of making them a part of your life. (Also read: Essential Blood Tests: What are the most important blood tests a person must take)

Health problems caused by high heels

This article includes:

  • Pain in the lower back
  • Disrupts the blood vessels
  • Knee pain
  • Harms your vocal cord
  • Pain in the calf muscles

Pain in the lower back

health hazards of wearing high heels
High heels can lead to lower back pain

If you are constantly dealing with pain in your lower back region then the chances are it causes by the high heels. When the muscles of your legs are strained then your posture is affected. The pelvis is tilted to one end and there is pressure on the spine. This leads to pain in your lower back region. There are many other causes of back pain. Click the link to know.

Disrupts the blood vessels
Your legs might appear long and stunning in the high heels but it causes discomfort to your legs. It causes a stretch in your legs and this leads to disruption in the flow of blood vessels.

Knee pain

health hazards of wearing high heels
High heels can lead to knee pain

When you wear high heels for a longer time then you are exposing your knees to steller health damage. Wearing heels put a strain on your knees. Thus women are more prone to arthritis. (Also read: The worst food for your teeth- Which food you should avoid for healthy teeth)

Harms your vocal cord
Even though it might sound off and strange, but wearing high heels can lead to a problem in breathing. It causes harm to your vocal cord.

Pain in the calf muscles
When you keep wearing the high heel for a really long time then it leads to pain in the calf muscles. It stretches your veins. These are not only bad to look at, but are also really painful.

Be extra careful with your heels ladies! You can read this article in Hindi as well. Click the link to know.

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