What Are The Things You Should Not Put Inside Your Vagina

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What Are The Things You Should Not Put Inside Your Vagina

This is obvious that your vagina is the most important and sensitive part of your body. You have to take care of it a lot. You may wash it with specific liquid foam, antiseptic powders, odours killers etc. But you might not be aware that your vagina has its own specific types of recovery. During this, the vagina hardly needs any foreign elements to maintain its health. Rather, using a lot of products may harm this most sensitive organ of a woman’s body. So, you have to be well aware of the things which can make your vagina feel irritated. Have a look at the following:(Also Read: How To Maintain The Firmness And The Shape Of Your Breasts)

It is important that your vagina should be washed with a mild and pH balanced soap liquid. But, this all you need to do. Nothing more than this. Do not try to clean your vagina by scrubbing it overall and especially avoid rubbing it inside. Use cold water while rinsing it. Other than that, never try to put oils or any body-cleaning soap to clean it thoroughly.

You may not know that your vagina contains good bacterias which prevent harmful bacterias to attack. But douching flushes out those good bacterias and even it harms the pH balance of the skin. Douching is nothing but cleaning your intimate organ with water and vinegar. As you know vinegar can snatch the moisture from the skin. So, it eventually, makes your vaginal skin dry and dull.

Hair removal creams:
Many women use hair removal creams to clean the vagina. But, before using, you have to be careful about the cream and its substances. The creams should be oversensitive which will not harm the vaginal skin and the pH balance. Other than that, these creams are rough enough to burn sensitive skin. You can stick to reputable waxing salon where you will get the best products to use during bikini waxing. (Also Read: What Types of Period Cramps Could Be A Bad Signal For Your Health)

Deodorant Sprays:
We know that you are worried about the odour of your vagina. But trust us, your vagina does not need to smell like rose candle soap. It is natural that vagina will have its own kind of odour. If you use feminine hygiene sprays they do more harm than good. Any fragrance spray contains some amount of alcohol which is extremely harmful to the vagina. Not only this, the chemicals too can make your skin feel irritated and itchy.

Sex toys:
A lot of sex toys are covering Indian market day by day. Let us tell you clearly that, sex toys are not at all good for your intimate organ and they develop most of the weird infections to it. These toy materials are the ones that are considered chemically unstable and contains bacteria and fungi. So, except renowned condoms, you should not put any other things inside your vagina.  (Also Read: What Are Major Things You Should Never Do To Your Vagina)

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