What are the things you should never experiment with your vagina

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What are the things you should never experiment with your vagina

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Women these days are experimenting a lot with their body. Besides, getting their body pierced and tattoed, they are creating a style statement by going beyond the limits. You must remember that vagina is the most sensitive part of the female body. Any experiment or disturbance hinders the natural pH level of the vagina. Besides this, it is one part of the body which is prone to many infections. Thus, one should always remain careful about what they are doing with themselves down there. A vagina is loaded with healthy bacteria which helps to maintain the hygiene of the vagina. Besides this, it also protects the vagina from getting infected. However, in order to be safe down there, one should avoid certain practices and keep it healthy. (Also read: How to reduce vaginal sweating)

What are the things you should never experiment with your vagina?

Piercing the vagina: Woman thinks it’s quite cool to get the piercing done down there, however, it is not! It hinders your activities and even makes it difficult live with it later on. Besides this, the studs which you wear down there pierces the nerve down there and may lead to infection. However, they also stuck with your clothes and cause intense pain. It also increases the risk of HIV, Hepatitis B, C and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Bleaching the skin around vagina: One must not try this at all. Bleaching creams contain Hydroquinone, which reduces the natural melanin from the skin. It increases the risk of skin thinning and irritation. Besides this, it also makes the area prone to infection and allergies. It also increases the risk of permanent discolouration of the skin down there with the excessive use of bleaching cream. Besides this, bleaching creams also contain Mercury which causes serious kidney, neurological, and psychiatric problems if used frequently. (Also read: What are the causes of bumps near and around vagina)

Vaginal Steaming: While going to the spa and getting the body steaming is quite trendy these days. However, vaginal steaming is a big ‘NO’. It may lead to severe burn marks and damage your bladder. It even kills the natural bacteria present in the vagina that balances the pH level of the female genital. Thus, the body becomes more prone to yeast infection down there. Thus, there is hardly any good that vaginal steaming can do. It can only harm you down there.

Ignoring pubic hair: One must be extra careful while dealing with the pubic hair. Actually, pubic hair is good to maintain the vaginal health. Hence any technique of removing pubic hair like waxing, shaving or using hair removal cream often leads to infections and irritations. It even increases the risk of STD. This is shocking to know that pubic hair are actually good for the vagina, as it protects the vagina from infections and genital warts. Thus, removing them completely is not a healthy option.

Using perfumes or soaps: We all want the vagina smell good and flowery. For this, we often look out for options like scented soaps and perfumes. But these options are a complete No. These products contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients which is harmful to the vaginal health. It kills the natural bacteria in the vagina and makes the area down there more prone to infections. It may cause inflammation and irritation due to the harmful chemical products. (Also read: What causes bleeding after sex while you are pregnant)

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