What are the things you must consider before shaving pubic hair

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What are the things you must consider before shaving pubic hair

Every woman takes up waxing or shaving as an option to get rid of the pubic hair. Though it is one of the most hygienic things to remain free from hair down there, it still has some of the major drawbacks. It leads to vaginal infection and makes the condition even worse. Women try out various types of shaving techniques like a Brazilian wax, bikini line wax and the Hollywood type. There is a purpose for each different type. It has been studied time and again that waxing or shaving of pubic hair has led to many problems to the women. Almost around 60 percent women have come across the problems like an invisible cut on the skin, ingrown hair, vaginal infection etc. Thus, before shaving your pubic hair, you must take care of the below-mentioned tips. (Also read: What are the mistakes you are committing during periods every month)

What are the things you must consider before shaving pubic hair?

Hair removal leads to infections: It has been noticed that removing of hair with wax or shaving cause infections. It leads to abscesses in the area, which is actually the entering of bacteria in the skin. It gets transferred to the body from the hair follicles. Though it is treatable, yet you need to be careful.

Trimming hair is a safe option: Trimming of hair is less risky and good to go option if you don’t want any kind of hair follicles. It does not let the pores to open up which causes infection. It consumes less time and it is easy as well. Make sure while you use an electric trimmer, you are not ignoring the safety thing. Be gentle! (Also read: What are the most common myths about bra)

Ingrown hair is not risky: When you go for shaving or waxing, usually the topmost layer gets cleaned. There is still ingrown hair left, which grow into big ones. Though they might make you uncomfortable for some time, they will not put your life in danger.

Hair removing can give you bruises: No matter if it is shaving or waxing, there are slight brises that take place on the skin. It becomes really painful and can even lead to infections. A slight cut during shaving can risk your life.

Hair removal creams are a good option: Instead of waxing and shaving, go for hair removal creams. They do not let any cuts and bruises to the sensitive part of the body. It even makes the risk of infection less.

Besides this, shaving and waxing also lead to sexually transmitted infections in the body. It has been studied in a survey of 2012 that hair removal increases the risk of infections in the body due to the entrance of bacteria into the body. (Also read: What are the various health benefits of regular menstrual periods in women)

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