What are the symptom during periods that you must never ignore

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What are the symptom during periods that you must never ignore

Periods are a natural part of a women’s reproductive health. Most women start their period cycle by the age of 13 to 15. It is a monthly cycle that goes on until the woman hits the menopause phase. However, your periods are much more than just nature’s occurrence. They are also a reflection of your physical health and reproductive health. Therefore, there are many things that happen during periods that no woman should ignore. It is important to know when should take extra care. So, be very careful if you observe these things during your period cycle. (Also read: What are the best food items to fight the premenstrual syndrome during periods)

Really heavy flow
The blood flow during periods varies from woman to woman. Some women have heavy flow naturally. However, if you experience an unnatural heavy flow then it is not a good sign. It can also be a sign of endometriosis or any other problem.

Irregular cycle
A period cycle is a natural event. It occurs every month, roughly after the stretch of 28 days. However, if you experience a wide gap between your period cycles or if there is a very little gap then it is better that you get it checked. Sometimes this gap is a sign of some deficiency of any health problem.

Extreme cramps
Many women complain of cramps during periods. However, most of us believe that cramps are a natural part of periods. It is important to remember that extreme cramps are never a natural occurrence. As it might indicate health issues and problems.

Really less blood flow
According to a study, the lack of blood during periods is a rare occurrence but it is a condition. The condition of the bloodless period is might be a sign of sudden weight loss or even polycystic ovarian syndrome. In some cases, it is a side-effect of a contraceptive pill. (Also read: What are the signs and causes of a light period)

Pain during pooping and peeing during periods
Having a painful poop and pee during periods is never a good sign. It can be the early sign of bowel endometriosis which is a serious health condition.

Bleeding for more than 7 days
The usual cycle of period lasts from 4 to 7 days on an average. However, if your cycle exceeds that then you must take into account that something is wrong with your reproductive health.

Abnormal Clots

Small clots are a natural part of periods. However, abnormally large and grey clots can signify many health-related issues. (Also read: Is it normal to get blood clots during your periods)

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