What Are The Shocking Myths About Women’s Health

What Are The Shocking Myths About Women's Health

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It is clear that men and women are immune and developed their system differently. There are many health issues react variously on a woman’s body and man’s body. Women have to go through a lot when it comes to body changes. From menstruation to pregnancy, there are a lot of factors present behind the health issues of women. So, advising anything to women related to their health may not be an authentic one. Likewise believing in any factors told by anyone without authentication can backfire to your health. So, all women out there, you should be well aware of your health and stop believing in the myths. Hence, to help you, here we are sharing some myth and facts about women health. (Also Read: What Types of Period Cramps Could Be A Bad Signal For Your Health)

Myth: It is harmful to skip your periods with birth control pills
Fact: We know that many of you believe this, but it is untrue. Basically, birth control pills contain one week of placebo pills which makes your menstruation cycle normal and smooth. Although it is possible to skip your periods by avoiding the placebos and continuing the birth control pills only. This anyhow does not harm your regular period’s circle.

Myth: Vaginal discharge is a bad sign for health
Fact: It is absolutely normal to have the vaginal discharge at times. The consistency changes depending on the menstrual cycle. Vaginal discharge is nothing but clearing itself by taking out the old cells and mucus. But, it is normal until the colour and the thickness is right. You may need a checkup if there is anything unconventional. (Also Read: What Are The Most Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Period Cramps)

Myth: If you are near 40 and at the stage of premenopausal, you can not get pregnant
Fact: To bust this myth, we would like to stay this clearly that, a woman can get pregnant from the time she starts menstruates till her menopause. Premenopausal time is also considered in the fertile phase. However, getting pregnant in this phase can bring some complication because of the age. But there is no wonder of getting pregnant at the 40s.

Myth: Your vagina gets permanently stretched once having a normal delivery
Fact: Many women think that once you having a baby, the vagina gets permanently stretched when it comes to normal delivery. The vagina has its own elastic capacity to gets broader and smaller sometimes. But during normal delivery, many women get stitches because of the tearing. After having this, there is a possibility that the vaginal passage may become smaller than it was used to be.

Myth: Sometimes periods start again after it stops
The period circle does not come back after they have stopped from your life. Menopause is the restriction line of your menstrual cycle. But if someone has this after her menopause of a year, she needs to check with a doctor. Hence, it is abnormal. This needs to treated and can be a sign of vaginal issues. (Also Read: What Happens When You Exercise During Periods)

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