What are the reasons that bring changes in your vagina with age

What are the reasons that bring changes in your vagina with age

As we age, so does our body. Even the vagina also grows old with us. There are considerable changes that take place in the vagina while we grow old. However, to maintain a good vaginal health is important for every woman irrespective of the age. The vagina is teens might not act the same when we reach our forties and this is quite obvious. Right from puberty, menstrual cycle, sexual involvement, pregnancy, delivery and menopause, our vagina undergoes various changes. There are many factors responsible for bringing the changes in the vagina. Thus one must take care of the vagina, as we take care of all our body parts. Let’s see what all changes happen in the vagina as we grow old. (Also read: How various herbs help in the growth of breasts naturally)

How does your vagina changes with your age?

Birth control pills dry the vagina: We all know that our vagina has a tendency to self-cleanse itself. The natural lubricant in the vagina keeps it well lubricated. It thus, makes the intercourse easy and less painful. However, once we start taking birth control pills, they eventually dry out our vagina. It disturbs the natural process of hormones and brings a lot of changes in the body.

Delivery stretches your vagina: Besides various hormonal changes taking place in the vagina during the pregnancy, delivery through vagina makes the situation more critical. The muscles of the vagina stretch to a great extent and take a lot of time to become normal. There are still some changes that can’t be undone even years after the delivery. (Also read: What are the causes of vaginal itching other than yeast infection)

Excess hair removal creams harm you down there: Shaving using a razor, hair removal creams, laser treatment etc. bring a major change in the vagina. However, overusing and prolonged use of these hair removal techniques lead many of us to the problem of hyperpigmentation and darkness of skin at the later age.

Pregnancy might lead to varicose veins: While you get pregnant, the blood flow might get restricted. The weak veins might make the process of proper blood circulation slow. In some cases, it is absolutely painless. However, in some cases, it brings about a lot of pain and stretches in the vagina and the vulvas. But it goes off after the delivery, so there is nothing to worry about.

Menopause turns vagina dry: When you reach your menopause, there is a drastic change in your body, The decline in the level of estrogen leads to the dryness of the vagina. It thus, also make the sex less pleasurable. Even the vaginal tissues become less elastic and lead to more pain. The dryness of vagina and hormonal changes also restrict the desire for sex in many. (Also read: What are the various changes that take place in the vagina after childbirth)

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