What are the reasons behind weight gain during periods

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What are the reasons behind weight gain during periods

Gaining a little amount of weight is normal during the menstrual cycle. It’s a universal problem with every woman in the world, to gain some weight when they are on their periods. There are some major PMS symptoms and also some changes in hormones during the monthly periods that lead to weight gain. Every woman has to undergo a certain amount of weight gain along with cramps, back ache, nausea feeling, bloating in stomach etc. every month. However, this weight gain is temporary and they lose it with time. So here are some of the reason why women gain weight during their periods. (Also read: What Are The Foods You Should Not Eat During Periods)

What are the causes of weight gain during periods?

Increased amount of estrogen in the body: During the menstrual cycle, woman’s body is full of sex hormone estrogen. This happens before the monthly periods. This is why the body holds more fluid which eventually leads to weight gain. It makes us feel heavy and bloated simultaneously. However, most of it is a water weight and it loses with the time you reach the end of your period.

Increased rate of progesterone: Progesterone is another hormone responsible for the weight gain in women during periods. It leads to water retention in the body and even leads to the tenderness of breast and bloating. It even causes bulky and fuller breasts in some cases. This is because the female body is high on fertility during this time and if not, then the weight falls back. (Also read: What are the side effects of using tampons)

Food cravings: When the woman is on her periods, the female body craves for different food items. It’s not the time when their body demands healthy food. They crave for sweet and salty food and thus they tend to eat more and keep on munching. They intake more carbs and fats and thus it leads to weight gain.

Skipping workout: Due to cramps and laziness, girls eventually skip workout sessions. Not doing your routine workout eventually makes they feel heavy and bloated all the time. However, you gain weight a lot of water weight during this time and there is no way that water is secreted out from the body. It thus leads to excess weight retention in the body.

Excess salt: Usually weight gain during periods is also because of excess salt consumption. They should try to consume less salty food during their periods. It’s better to take natural salt and sweet like that of in fruits and coconut water. (Also read: Important Menstruation Hygiene Tips Every Girl Should Follow)

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