What Are The Myths Regarding Menstrual Period

What Are The Myths Regarding Menstrual Period

In India, people do believe a lot of superstitions and myths without judging their relevance and significance. Menstruation period is something which is still a taboo just like Sex and LGBT in India and in some other countries as well. We women always learnt from our childhood that we should not talk openly about the periods to the boys or any male members of the family. But, is this what we are for? Is this what for we bleed? By keeping this topic hidden from the society, people are building up several myths around it. There are many people, even women do not know the actual facts about periods. Hence, we have come up with some very common myths related to Menstruation periods. Let’s just try to get over the all fake facts and get a clear idea. (Also Read: What Are The Heart Problems One Can Face During Menopause)

Period pain is nothing but a ‘Normal’ pain:
The pain during the periods is something a man can not bear. It is not a ‘Just like that’ pain like headaches or bumping into the furniture. However, this period cramps are not equal to everyone it varies from person to person. Some women do not even feel that they are on periods and some women have to curl up on the bed in the pain of the lower abdominal. Most of the women feel this intense pain during periods. People do opt for medications to get relief from this and the myths say this pain is nothing but just a normal pain.

It is easy to ignore the feelings during periods:
During periods a woman goes through a lot of physical and emotional changes. The initial symptoms of periods appear when a woman is PMSing. PMS is Pre Menstruation Syndrome through which the level of estrogen drops rapidly and the level of progesterone take a sharp increase. Also, in one hand estrogen has an association to serotonin, which is a happy hormone. And the other hand, progesterone has a connection to fear, anxiety, and depression. Hence, there is nothing critical to understand that mood swing is a very common problem during periods. (Also Read: What does your period blood tell about your health)

Many people believe that period blood is the rejected blood which flows out of the body. It is not the blood which contains toxins and needs to out of the body. It is more of an evolved vaginal secretion. Period blood has a little amount of blood, uterine tissue, mucous lining, and bacteria. But it does not change if we have sex or not. This monthly blood entirely different from the blood runs through the veins of the body. In fact, it is very less of blood and more of dead eggs and the tissues and cells.

It is a very shameful situation:
Again discussing ‘period’ is not at all shameful. There is nothing to hide about this. A woman during periods is not an impure woman. There is nothing to whisper while asking for a pad or a tampon to another girl. It is a natural physical system. If you are having periods you are still a human being. There is no point to hide it from others. In fact, people do need more awareness regarding periods and its beliefs. (Also Read: What are the habits responsible for sagging breasts)

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