What Are The Most Shocking Myths About Pubic Hair

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What Are The Most Shocking Myths About Pubic Hair

Taking care of your health includes taking care of your genitalia as well. However, most women have many misconceptions in their minds in regard to their private parts, especially in case of the pubic hair. Women harbour all kinds of myths and misconceptions about the health of the pubic hair or how to maintain their hygiene. As a result, due to ignorance, they fall prey to various forms of sexual health-related issues. Therefore, it is really important to kill these myths and know the facts!  (Also read: What are the signs that you must visit your gynaecologist at once)

“Pubic hair shields against STDs”
This is one of the most common misconceptions that women have that pubic hair protects against Sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, often pubic hair trap various germs and bacterias, due to which a woman’s sexual health is threatened.

“Pubic hair never stop growing”
This is another one of major myths. Pubic hair grows up to a point only. Once they reach their peak they simply stop. Then over the time, it sheds away, giving away space for new growth.

“Shaving is the best way to remove the pubic hair”
Shaving or not shaving the pubic hair is a very individualistic decision. However, it is important to remember that shaving can increase the risk of injuring the skin of a very sensitive region of your body.

“Your hair colour and the colour of your pubes is same”
This is an age-old myth that people still believe in. The colour of your hair is decided by the presence of melanin. In case of pubic hair, the melanin content is more. As a result, the hair colour is darker.

“Pubic hair can make your vagina stinky”
This is the most absurd myth that people have. In fact, the pubic hair help to control the smell of vagina in check. So, in a way, it acts as a protective shield. (Also read: What are the causes of vaginal odour)

“Removing pubic hair is must for vaginal hygiene”
To remove or not to remove the pubic hair is every woman’s own decision and it has no correlation to the health of your vagina. In fact, when you remove the pubic hair, you are making your vagina vulnerable.

“If you shave the hair will grow thicker”
This is another case of old wives tale about pubic hair. The hair growth or texture has nothing to do with how frequently you shave or not shave.  (Also read: Is it normal to get blood clots during your periods)

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