What are the most common myths about bra

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What are the most common myths about bra

Women usually come across a lot of advice when it comes to inner wears. Especially, the bra is something that many people will advise you about. You will be in shock if the actual truth about bra will come before you. All your life, you were living in a myth about the bra. But in reality, the truth is something else. The things and misconceptions you have been carrying in your mind for so long, it’s actually the time to break them down. It’s important to know the real facts about something we wear daily and which affects our body majorly. (Also read: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Vaginal Douching)

What are the most common myths about the bra?

The size remains the same all through the life: It is one of the oldest myth that many women carry in their mind. The size grows with age, with the changes in your weight pattern and your hormonal changes in the body. Thus one should erase this misconception from mind completely and stop wearing a 20 years old bra for life.

The White colour bra does not show up: Well, this is actually the lamest myth people carry. It’s all about the colour you wear that decides whether the colour of your bra will reflect or not. If you wear a dark colour above your white bra, then it will automatically have a peep through. (Also read: What are the causes of bumps near and around vagina)

Daily wearing of bra causes sagging of breasts: It is one of the most common misconceptions in the mind of the people. Actually, avoiding to wear the bra causes sagging of breasts. Thus, women should not sleep in the bra but should wear it during the daytime to avoid the wrinkles and sagging.

One should not wash bra daily: It is another myth in the mind of people. They say washing a bra daily is not mandatory. However, it is neither true nor healthy. One should wash the bra daily with clean water. It helps to remove the oil and sweat that our skin produces and affects the elasticity of the skin.

A bra can be worn only in one way: This is a big time NO. A bra can be worn in multiple ways. Wearing through the straps is the most common and thus people think that’s only how one can wear it. We should realise, that we can do a lot of creativity while we wear a bra.  (Also read: What Are The Harmful Impacts Of Bikini Waxing)

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