What are the mistakes you are committing during periods every month

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What are the mistakes you are committing during periods every month

Every woman undergoes periods but many of them commit the same mistake ever since their onset of periods. The menstrual cycle becomes a terrible fuss at times. There are a lot of things that a woman has to care about when she is on her periods. Unknowingly we tend to ignore the things, which are harmful to us. Thus, we do all that is unhygienic and unhealthy as well. A woman must take care of a lot of things while she is on her periods. We all know personal hygiene matters a lot, thus one must be aware of how to maintain that hygiene. Here are some of the mistakes that every woman is making during her periods every month. (Also read: What are the most common myths about bra)

What are the most common period mistakes?

Not changing your pads or tampons: It is highly advisable to change your sanitary pads after every 3 hours. No matter how heavy or light periods you have, a pad or a tampon longer than 3 hours is highly unhygienic for you. There is a rapid growth of bacteria on your pads, thus it affects your vagina.

Vaginal douching: Well douching of the vagina may prove useful for some time as it helps to give up with the bad odour. But doctors say it is not recommended to do douching too much. It may kill the good bacteria formed on the vagina. It may lead to the production of harmful bacteria, yeast infection. However, in place of douching, you can change your pads often and after the short interval of times. (Also read: What causes bleeding after sex while you are pregnant)

Popping painkillers: Popping painkillers while you are pregnant is not at all healthy. It may lead to ulcers and bleeding in teh mouth and the intestines as well. Over usage of painkillers affect our kidneys and liver. Thus, until the pain is too intense, do not use painkillers. You can give away the pain in the most natural way by increasing your intake of magnesium and calcium.

Not having enough sleep: Having enough sleep helps to have smooth periods. Though most of us find trouble in sleeping due to cramps and bleeding, yet we should try to divert our minds. If we will sleep properly we will have fewer mood swings and our body will be fresh without being tired.

Not working out: We all become too sensitive and fragile during our periods. Exercising during periods is as safe as it is on normal days. It helps to reduce the cramps, make your body de-stress and also helps you to sleep better. Thus, make sure you continue with your proper workout session even while you are on your periods. You can escape the heavy exercises but do a normal workout which is safe. (Also read: What Happens When You Switch To Menstrual Cup From Tampons)

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