What Are The Harmful Impacts Of Bikini Waxing

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What Are The Harmful Impacts Of Bikini Waxing

A soft and smooth hair free body is what makes you feel great both inside and outside. The pertaining freshness makes you feel comfortable besides adding on to good hygiene. All you ladies are adamant to get your legs, arms and hands waxed while some even go down to the vaginal line i.e., the bikini waxing. Removing the hair from your genital area gives a sense of freshness besides being clean, however, there are some harmful impacts associated with bikini waxing which you all should know. Carrying a hair forest is not a good idea but taking appropriate measures can definitely work. Thus, take a thorough read below on harmful impacts of bikini waxing if you regularly opt for it or are planning for it. [Also Read: What Are The Daily Underwear Mistakes Women Are Making]

Inner Growth Of Hair:

The biggest drawback and harmful impact of bikini waxing are that it leads to ingrown hair. When the waxing on your pubic area is not done properly i.e., the hair has not been removed completely, it leads to the inner growth of hair. The small hair which could not be removed and are inside the skin causes irritation and severe itching.

Bacterial Infection:

You aren’t aware whether the salon you have opted for uses the clean wax and knife or not. The genital area has good and bad bacteria both thus, bikini waxing can cause bacterial infection. Even when the hair isn’t removed properly from the pubic skin, you are prone to the skin infection.

Skin Burn:

The genital area is extremely sensitive. Thus, a negligence in applying hot wax may cause your skin burn and extreme pain. Rashes and reddening of the skin are also common. [Also Read: What are the various health benefits of regular menstrual periods in women]

Peeled Skin:

Bikini waxing requires extreme perfection. It is done in small patches rather than removing all in once. Thus, if not done with extreme care it may cause you peeling of skin.

Bleeding (In some cases):

The hair down there is hard hence, in some cases you can also experience bleeding in the genital area after getting waxed. [Also Read: Is it normal to get blood clots during your periods]

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