What are the habits responsible for sagging breasts

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What are the habits responsible for sagging breasts

Women usually come across the problem of sagging breasts. There are multiple reasons that lead to sagging of breasts. A woman’s body come across a lot of hormonal changes while having a baby, breastfeeding, during old age. The elasticity of collagen in the skin loses its hold and thus connective tissues in the skin lose the firmness. Besides this sagging breasts could be the genetic result as well. If your granny or your mother have saggy breasts then you might also encounter the same problem. However, there are certain activities which eventually loosen up the breasts and they tend to sag.

What are the habits that lead to sagging of breasts?

Smoking: Smoking is any way harmful to our health. Not just it risks cancer but also affects the major organs of our body. Smoking restricts the supply of the right amount of blood to our skin, thus gradually your breasts that do not get an appropriate blood supply, sag and become unattractive.

Excess of dieting: There are two sides of weight, weight gain and weight loss. Excessive put on of weight and losing an efficient amount of weight both are responsible for turning the breasts into sagging pieces. When you lose a lot of weight, the fat content collected near the breasts area tends to get loosen up. On the other hand, gaining a lot of weight leads to accumulation of fat around the breasts turning them into the storehouse of fat.

High-intensity workout: According to the experts, heavy and intensified workouts lead to breaking of the collagen of the skin. Thus, turning the firmness of breast into sagging bags. Though the research is still going on whether work out really impacts the firmness of breasts negatively, one can also take precautions and do exercise wisely.

Not applying sunscreen: Applying a sunscreen lotion is a must factor. Skipping on this basic skin care regime impacts our skin in a worse manner. The harmful ultra violet rays of the Sun extract the collagen from the skin and turns the firm breasts into loose saggy breasts. It eventually builds up wrinkles and damages the skin right from inside.

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