What Are The Good And Bad Effects Of Using A Feminine Wash

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What Are The Good And Bad Effects Of Using A Feminine Wash

We all know that using a feminine wash is very important. Many women use a soap to clean themselves which are quite harmful. The pH of our intimate area is way different from the entire body. That is why everybody should use a specific liquid wash to keep this area healthy and problem-free. But, you may not know using an intimate wash excessively can lead to certain side effects too. That is why we have come up with some good and bad sides of using a feminine wash. Hence, have a look at the following: (Also Read: What Are The Ways In Which Your Periods Disturb Your Skin)

Balances the pH:
When you use a specific liquid to wash your intimate area, it cleans thoroughly and maintains the oil balance. It prevents those intimate area to get dried and do not create warts or infections. Moreover, these liquids do not contain chemicals and that is why it is safe if somehow the product goes inside your vagina. But make sure you choose the right brand and quality.

It treats vaginal infection:
Most of the times you may notice that doctors prescribe women to use a wash as they may treat your vaginal infection. Actually, douching can clean the intimate area very well. This intimate wash is nothing but a bottle of vinegar, water, baking soda and iodine. These ingredients have amazing power to kill bacterias and clean the area throughout. (Also Read: What Does Your Periods Tell You About Your Health)

Spreads the Infections:
Although using intimate wash during infection is good. But make sure you consult this with your doctor. Because there are many genital injections which are contagious. So, the possibility of spreading the infection to other areas in the canal increases. That is why if you have a vaginal infection, you should consult this with your doctor.

Pregnancy Complications:
Do you know douching may affect your chances of getting pregnant? Yes! There are chances that a woman who is using feminine wash will face problems in conceiving. Not only this, it can increase the chances of an ectopic pregnancy. Moreover, there are many health problems too which appears when you start douching. So, be a little thoughtful of it. (Also Read: What Are The Things Every Woman Should Know About Periods)

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