What Are The Foods You Should Not Eat During Periods

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What Are The Foods You Should Not Eat During Periods

During periods it becomes difficult for ladies to cope with their daily activities. The severe pain with cramps gives women restlessness and irritation. Some women may also face digestion problems while other may even get body ache and mood swings. You cannot resist this monthly call, however, you can resist the food intake during your menstrual cycle. There are some foods you must avoid during the period as they may cause depressive moods, breast tenderness, increased pain and so on. Thus, to make your menstrual days at ease, find below the list of foods you should avoid during periods.

Avoid Eating Refined Foods:

The refined foods are simple carbohydrates which the body burn easily leaving hungry. Therefore, avoid eating foods on periods like chips, pasta, white bread and other snacks. Avoid processed foods and eat complex carbohydrates like green veggies, fruits and whole grains.

Stay Away From Excessive Salt Intake:

Excessive intake of salty foods like salty nuts, packed chips, pickles or any other food items will increase the Sodium content in the body. Therefore, it may cause you bloating and water retention in the body which is awful. Therefore, avoid the intake of salty foods in your periods.

No Alcohol On Dates:

The alcohol consumption can give you increased menstrual cramps during your periods hence, avoid the intake of alcohol to keep your body calm. However, you can drink fresh juices which are rather beneficial.

No Caffeine Products:

Caffeinated products like coffee or cocoa may cause you mood swings. However, consumption of this depends on your body type because for some women a cup of coffee can lift the mood and reduce long day’s tiredness. However, if coffee is not what you regular take, avoid it during your periods to stay away from anxiety and uneasiness.

Fatty Meat:

The fatty meat is high in saturated fats which cause inflammation in the body due to the production of prostaglandins. Hence, eating fatty meats can cause severe pain and cramps. Therefore, avoiding eating fatty meat rather you can opt for fish, lean meat and beans to get good proteins and ease the pain.

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