What Are The Foods You Should Eat When You Are On Your Periods

What Are The Foods You Should Eat When You Are On Your Periods

Periods are like a wreck in every women’s life. From acute pain to physical changes a lot of things happen to a woman’s body this time. Although women are used with all these problems and they hardly care about these wrecks in their life. But the most important thing which many of us forget is having a healthy diet during this time. We may not be able to eat super healthy food everyday as junks, oily foods are more or less every woman’s love. But, just for these 5 days, one has to be extra cautious about the health and diet. Hence, we have come up with some dieting tips which will make your entire body system better during periods. (Also Read: Why Your Vagina Is Too Itchy During Periods)

Green leafy vegetables:
Green leafy veggies work amazingly on your body, especially if you are on your periods. Eat a lot of spinach, kale, broccoli etc. These goods have a lot of anti-cramping mineral magnesium. So, these foods will ease your cramps during periods. Moreover, you will get a lot of vitamins A, C, B6 and E, calcium and potassium which are good to soothe your PMS problems.

Dark chocolate:
You may have chocolate cravings during your menstruation. But, do not eat sugary ones and rather choose dark chocolates. Dark chocolate is a rich source of magnesium, vitamin E, which are beneficial to ease your breast soring and tendering. Other than that, it will regulate your mood swings too during periods. (Also Read: What Are The Ways In Which Your Periods Disturb Your Skin)

Probiotic yoghurt:
Eat yoghurt this time which has probiotic compounds. This compound is well enough to wash out bacteria which supports a healthy digestive system and may help to ease persistent bloating. Moreover, you will get a lot of calcium which is beneficial in reducing your PMS symptoms.

A lot of Proteins foods:
When you are on your periods, do not forget to eat a lot of protein foods. Choose paneer, tofu, chicken, eggs, spinach etc. Proteins can keep your blood sugar level balanced. But remember, you should not eat legumes such as chickpeas, kidney beans, black-eyed peas etc. These are also proteins but these foods can cause make your bloat.

Nuts are packed with a lot of essential nutrients which are important during the menstrual time. But try to avoid the salted ones because of they have less nutrients and provide fats in your body. (Also Read: What Does Your Periods Tell You About Your Health)

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