What are the foods that boost the fertility in women

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What are the foods that boost the fertility in women

To conceive the child as well as to lead a happily married life fertility is a must. However, today’s life is really different as there many things that can harm a woman’s health. These things include the stress, unhealthy eating habits etc. This has an impact on your fertility. To boost the fertility you need to keep your lifestyle healthy, and that includes your diet as well. There are many foods that impact the fertility of the women in a wonderful way. So, let’s find out about them! (Also read: What You Need to Know About Vaginal Health at Every Age)

The beans are rich in proteins and iron. These two nutrients are good for the ovary. At the same time, beans have a good amount of fibre and less fat that prevents the weight gain. So, include beans in your diet in any way possible.

Omega-3 oil
If you are planning for pregnancy then the omega-3 oil is really important. It has EPA(Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA(Docosahexaenoic acid) that have a positive impact on the fertility. Other than this is reduces the pelvic inflammation as well. So, discuss this with your doctor when you are planning to conceive a child. (Also read: What are the things that affect your periods)

Green vegetables
To increase the fertility you need to include the green vegetables in your diet. For this, you can have spinach, broccoli etc. They are rich in folate and vitamin B, which improves the ovulation. The green vegetables increase the libido in the women as well.

Dairy products
The food items that are rich in calcium make your bones strong, at the same time they are good for your fertility. The dairy products also contain the Prolein protein that improves the health of the eggs and the function of the ovary.

The almonds are rich in vitamin E, Manganese, copper and biotin. The vitamin E improves the quality of eggs. It is wonderful for the fertility. (Also read: Why you should not shave your pubic hair)

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