What Are The Essential Nutrients For Women

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What Are The Essential Nutrients For Women

There are many nutrients which are particularly essential for women as the female body carries out various functions. From getting the menstrual cycle to development of breasts and reproductive system, a women’s body undergoes many changes. Most of the women suffer from anaemia due to monthly blood flow out of their body hence, their diet has to be rich in nutrients which increase the haemoglobin level in their body. Thus, below mentioned are some essential nutrients for women of which they should not fall short of at any phase of their life.


The Iron is essential for the blood cells hence, deficiency of iron can restrict the oxygen supply to blood cells and also gives a drop to the level of haemoglobin. Thus, Iron should be present in the body in an adequate amount to keep the same energetic and healthy. The Iron can be obtained from foods like beans, spinach, red meat and fish.

Folic Acid:

The Folic Acid is a type of Vitamin B which is essential for all women of reproductive age and beyond. The same nutrient prevents the Neural Tube Defects (NTD) which is a serious birth defect in children. Moreover, it also helps in the creation of new cells. Thus, eating foods like broccoli, spinach, nuts and kale are good as they have a good amount of Folic acid.


The bone health of the women deteriorates as they grow older. Hence, a good amount of nutrient Calcium must be present in their body to prevent the diseases like osteoporosis. Low-fat dairy products, kale, broccoli and green leafy vegetables are the good source of Calcium.


The women’s body should be protein efficient as it helps them a lot when they conceive. The protein is essential for the baby’s growth hence, you intake protein rich diet like eggs, lean meat, fish, legumes and beans is essential.

Vitamin D:

The nutrient Vitamin D helps the body to use more calcium from the food and does not let it go waste promoting the bone health. Also, Vitamin D deficiency in women happens when they are pregnant which may lead to the bad bone health of the foetus too. Thus, to increase Vitamin D in the body, milk and cod liver oil should be consumed.

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