What are the different types of vaginal bumps that every woman should be aware of

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What are the different types of vaginal bumps that every woman should be aware of

A woman has to take a lot of care of her personal hygiene. She has to undergo many complications when it comes to maintain her vaginal health. A lot of women still lack the basic knowledge about the vaginal health and hygiene. Vaginal itching, dryness, vaginal bumps are some of the most common problems that a woman faces. Though there is nothing serious that comes along with vaginal bumps and any other issue. But it is necessary that one should be well aware of the reasons for vaginal bumps. A vaginal bump can take place near the vagina or the opening of the same and there are many types of vaginal bumps. So, ladies you all must be aware of the different types of vaginal bumps to be sure if there is something serious or not. (Also read: Why sleeping without an underwear is good for the health of a woman)

What are the different types of vaginal bumps that every woman should be aware of?

A bump near vaginal opening
A small bump on the opening of the vagina is also known as Bartholin Cyst. It usually takes place when the glands on the opening of the vagina close. Thus, the liquid or the fluid that has to be secreted out of the glands stay inside the glands only. It is a very tender bump but is a bit painful. There is no serious issue with this and it gets treated easily.

Genital herpes
Genital herpes is a kind of infection that takes place because of Herpes simplex virus. It may spread during vaginal or anal sex. It may make the glands swollen up and can also cause the itching. You must contact your doctor in such situation. (Also read: What are the side effects of smoking on women)

Vaginal blisters filled with pus
Usually, the reason behind the vaginal blisters is the way you keep your hygiene down there. The type of method you use for removing pubic hair might lead to blisters. Even the shaving of pubic hair with razor might lead to blisters. Ignoring them for long might fill them with pus and infection as well. Don’t try to pop them with your fingers, instead use a warm compress and try to wear loose garments.

Vaginal skin tags
If you feel a bump or skin coming out near your vagina, then it must be the vaginal skin tags. They are small in size and are not harmful in any way. In fact, they do not hinder in between your daily routine. But if a thing or your clothes rub them severely then they might cause infection.

It happens around the area of the vagina. It might start appearing after your delivery and as you grow in age. They are a blue bump in the area around vagina It might not lead to pain but it might cause itching. You must consult your doctor in case you find it around your vagina. (Also read: What Are The Most Shocking Myths About Pubic Hair)

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