What Are The Daily Underwear Mistakes Women Are Making

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What Are The Daily Underwear Mistakes Women Are Making

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You all dress up in your comfortable and good looking clothes to make your presence appealing. You have all the designs and vibrant colours to bring out your personality, however, do you feel comfortable inside? I mean, are you wearing a right kind of underwear or the designer panty or wearing it in a correct manner? Your innerwear play a major role to boost your personality. If you aren’t comfortable inside, your outside appearance won’t work well. You’ll always have that urge to know what’s wrong down there. Thus, avoid the daily underwear mistakes you women are making.

Not Wearing A Cotton Underwear:

The options for beautiful and fancy underwear come rarely in cotton fabric. But, remember that silk underwears are not friendly down there as they trap the moisture. The cotton allows the skin to breathe preventing Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and fungal infections. Thus, it is a BIG NO to silk underwear if you are wearing it on regular basis.

What Are The Daily Underwear Mistakes Women Are Making
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You Are Wearing A Too Small Panty:

Make sure that you are aware of your panty size. A too small panty can again trap the moisture making a place for infections. You should not wear underwear which is smaller or larger than the actual size.

Washing The Underwear With Scented Detergent:

Scented detergents can give amazing fragrance to your panties, however, the use of same needs to be avoided. The scented detergents use various chemicals to get that sweet-smelling odour but these chemicals are very harmful to your vaginal area. You can suffer from irritation or skin rashes.

You Take Too Long To Discard A Panty:

If you take too long to discard a panty, you are doing wrong with your private part. Using the same underwear for a prolonged time can cause bacteria growth which is harmful to your health. Thus, as soon as you see that the fabric has de-shaped or the threads are withering, discard it off immediately.

Not Changing Panty After Workout:

During a workout, the body produces heat and sweat which is most common in your private parts. Thus, it becomes mandatory to change the underwear right after the work to prevent UTI, infections and bacteria growth.

Hence, if you the one who is also making the same mistakes, it’s time to change your habit and stay healthy. For a change, you can also sleep at night without underwear to let your secret area breathe!

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