What Are The Daily Habits Which Are Harmful For Women

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What Are The Daily Habits Which Are Harmful For Women

Healthy habits and following a hygienic lifestyle is must for everyone. Both men and women need to follow good habits in order to stay fit and healthy. However, women have to be more cautious in these terms as they have more hormonal changes occurring in their body than men. Also, because a woman’s body needs extra care and protection. All you ladies out there must be trying to keep yourself disease free and healthy by following various activities. However, you may be missing out on the simplest things which are overseen but can pose threat to your health. Thus, take a thorough read below on the daily habits followed by you, which are harmful. [Also Read: What are the things you must consider before shaving pubic hair]

Using The Same Sanitary Pad All Day Long:

Wearing the same sanitary napkin throughout the day can cause bacteria to grow. This may cause infection down there causing itching and redness. You must change your pad 2-3 times in a day irrespective of the blood flow to avoid infections.

Not Washing Undergarments Daily:

If you have the habit of not washing your undergarments regularly then you are doing extreme wrong to yourself. Be it your top or bottom wear, you must wash your undies regularly. The smell and sweat in your undies can cause your skin irritation and infections. [Also Read: What are the mistakes you are committing during periods every month]

Using Soap To Wash The Private Parts:

The chemicals present in the soap can hinder the pH balance of the area down there. It may also remove the good bacteria present. Washing your pubic area with soap can cause dryness and itchiness giving extreme discomfort.

Spraying Deodorant Directly On The Skin:

Spraying the deodorant directly on the skin can cause skin blackness and also health issues. The deodorants contain harmful chemicals which enter your bloodstream when you spray directly on the skin.

Walking Out In The Sunlight:

Some amount of Vitamin D is necessary through sunlight. However, direct exposure for long hours can cause you trouble. The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun are harmful to your skin hence, you must carry a scarf with you while moving out or apply a sunscreen lotion. [Also Read: Why Are Your Breasts And Nipples Itching]

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