What are the causes of bumps near and around vagina

What are the causes of bumps near and around vagina

The sudden itching around and near the vagina is so embarrassing. If you are experiencing the sudden urge to scratch the area around the vagina, there is something problematic around. Sometimes if you wake up in the middle of the night to itch the area down there. The most common thought one gets is the onset of some serious disease. However, there are many reasons and causes of these itchy bumps near and around your vagina. Obviously, lack of proper hygiene is the prior reason. Besides this, listed below are some of the causes of the itchy bump near the vagina. (Also read: What Are The Harmful Impacts Of Bikini Waxing)

What are the causes of bumps near and around vagina:

Vaginal cysts: The lumps that surround the wall of the vagina are vaginal cysts. Being small in size, they usually occur due to the injury in and around the vagina. Sometimes these cysts have to be removed by undergoing a surgery. It even occurs after the childbirth.

Ingrown vaginal hair: The ingrown hair in vagina increases the risk of bumps around the vagina It causes itching and burning sensation and leads to small bumps too. It even causes pus and infection in the bumps. So, it’s advisable to not pluck the ingrown hair as it may lead to burning sensation. (Also read: How Can You Naturally Treat Vaginal Cysts)

Genital warts: An infection called HPV causes genital warts. It usually spreads with the physical contact or during the intercourse time. The skin coloured bumps on the vagina are usually genital warts. They even cause the itching and burning sensation. Surgery or a laser treatment can help to remove genital warts.

Lichen Sclerosis: Lichen Sclerosis is one of the problems that usually women suffer with, during the time of their menopause or after that. It often causes itching and burning sensation on the skin. It may even lead to bleeding and cause intense pain while urinating. Creams and ointments can provide relief to Lichen Sclerosis. However too much of them may lead to a serious problem, so it’s always advisable to consult a doctor.

Genital herpes: Herpes simplex virus causes genital herpes. Sexual intercourse often results in genital herpes. Many people suffer from the same and do not have the knowledge about this. However, fever, itching, pain in genitals, large sores around teh vagina are some of the most common symptoms of genital herpes. (Also read: What Are The Major Causes Of Vaginal Discharge)

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