What are the causes of breast pain in women

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What are the causes of breast pain in women

The problem of breast pain happens to women of all ages. Many times it happens during the time of menopause or sometimes it happens in the prime of the women’s lives as well. The problem of breast pain can happen anywhere in the breast area. It can lead to swelling as well. A woman goes through many changes in her life such as menstruation, lactation, pregnancy, menopause etc. Due to all these changes a woman’s body goes through a lot. These changes often contribute to breast pain in many women. Sometimes the pain is not that intense, still, it is important to know about the possible causes of the breast pain. (Also read: What are the signs that you must visit your gynaecologist at once)

Wearing the wrong bra size
You should always wear the right bra size. It should not be too tight or too loose. If your breasts don’t get proper support then it can lead to breast pain. The excessively tight bra can hamper your blood circulation as well. (Also read: How A Wrong Sized Bra Can Affect Your Health)

Due to infection
Blocked milk duct, ingrown hair, clogged sweat gland and bacterial infection are the few reason that can possibly lead to breast pain. These problems lead to redness, pus in the nipple, nipple discharge and as a result, it causes the breast to pain.

Breast Cyst
The problem of cyst is pretty common in women. Many time women go through gland change that can result in the formation of a cyst. These cysts can lead to pain in the breast.

Strong medication has plenty of side effects on the body. Infertility treatment, oral hormonal contraceptive or medication for depression have a really strong effect on the health. One of these side effects is in the form of breast pain.

Mastitis infection
Mastitis infection is a form of infection that is located in breasts. It is often found in lactating women due to a blocked milk duct. It leads to breast pain in many cases.

Your diet has an effect on your entire body. Many women consume a diet rich in fat and refined carbs. According to a study, it is connected to the breast pain. (Also read: What are the causes of hip pain in women)

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