What are the causes of abnormal nipple discharge

What are the causes of abnormal nipple discharge

It is natural for women to experience nipple discharge when they are breastfeeding or lactating. However, if a woman is not doing that, then a nipple discharge might appear worrisome. When we the term nipple discharge, it simply means any fluid that seeps out of your nipple. There are many possible reasons for the nipple discharge. It is important to not panic during such situations and know about the possibilities. So, let’s find out the possible causes of nipple discharge. (Also read: What are the causes of breast pain in women)

Abscess means a collection of pus accumulates under your skin.
This is a possible cause of abnormal discharge. In case of the abscess, the discharge is actually pus.

Fibrocystic breast changes
The term Fibrocystic means the occupancy or growth of fibrous tissue and cysts. In that case, it leads to lumps or increase in density if you breast tissues. It leads to pain and itching. In some cases, it also leads to nipple discharge. The discharge is of a clear white or yellow or green fluid.

Birth control pills
There are many possible side-effects of the birth control pills. One of these side effects is in the form of nipple discharge. (Also read: What are the signs that you must visit your gynaecologist at once)

Mammary duct ectasia
The mammary duct ectasia is one of the most common reasons for abnormal nipple discharge. It is quite common in case of a woman who is approaching menopause. It causes blockage of ducts located under the nipple. The discharge is thick and green.

Intraductal papilloma
The intraductal papilloma simply means that there is growth in the ducts of the breast. It is noncancerous in nature. The discharge is bloody and sticky in nature. It also leads to inflammation.

Infection or mastitis
Mastitis is a sort of infection that usually happens in case of a lactating woman. However, it can happen in case of a non-lactating woman as well. It leads to sore feeling in breast and nipple discharge.

Any injury in the nipple areas can lead to the abnormal discharge. Your nipples are one of the sensitive parts of your body, so it important to take an injury, be it a minor one, seriously. Also, in that case, you must seek medical help at the earliest. (Also read: What are the causes of hip pain in women)

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