What Are The Abortion Myths Many Women Still Believe

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What Are The Abortion Myths Many Women Still Believe

Women everywhere have little information about there own reproductive system. Often serious issues about women’s reproductive health are still not discussed or talked about.  People often think of these topics as taboos. This leads to the rise of misconceptions about various health issues, one such issue is of abortion. In simple words, abortion is the medical termination of a fetus. It is one of the most controversial issues in the world of women’s reproductive health. Many women have various kinds of misconceptions about abortion and due to which they simply remain uninformed and unaware. Therefore, it is crucial to burst the myths and misconceptions related to the process of abortion.

Abortion is really harmful to health
This is the biggest myth that women have about abortion. The important thing to understand is that abortion should be performed by a medical professional in a safe environment. When you take the right precautions and advice of the doctor then there it is like any other medical procedure. The chances of complications when it comes to abortion is rare if you go the right way.

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You can’t get pregnant again
People often speak of the fabricated link between abortion and future pregnancy. However, the abortion in the first trimester has no impact on your reproductive health. As long as it is done is a safe environment and a medical professional is performing it.

The fetus goes through pain
The fetus is unable to feel any pain until the 24th week as till then it doesn’t have the nerve pathways needed for the sensation. A research from UCSF showed that the fetus doesn’t have any sense of pain until 29th or 30th week. (Also read: What are the signs and causes of a light period)

Self-abortion is a safe way
This is the most harmful myth that women believe. There are many who believe in the midwives tales about home-based abortion methods. However, these methods are harmful to the woman’s health. It can lead to many health complications.

Emotional grief after abortion
According to a study by UCSF made on women who went through the process of abortion, 95% of women had no regrets about there choice. There is no medical evidence of post-abortion mental problems. Though things vary from person to person, it is wrong to generalise them.

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