What Are Major Things You Should Never Do To Your Vagina

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What Are Major Things You Should Never Do To Your Vagina

The female reproductive system is extremely delicate and one has to take all the necessary precautions and measures to not hurt it. A good vaginal health is necessary to stay away from the infections and breeding of bacteria. However, there are cases seen that women are not serious about their vaginal health. There are some major things which women follow in their routine which are causing harmful effects to the area down there. Hence, it’s a big time to STOP them now. Therefore, please find the major things below which women should never do to their vagina.[Also Read: What Are The Shocking Myths About Women’s Health]

Stop Vaginal Douching:

Vaginal douching is a method of washing the vagina with water by mixing vinegar into it. The douche contains antiseptics and fragrances which makes the vaginal odour pleasant. However, it alters the natural balance of the good bacteria and the women who use it are prone to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or PID, bacterial infections and ectopic pregnancy. Hence, you must STOP it.

Don’t Insert Unsanitary Foreign Objects:

Using unsanitary foreign objects which are never recommended may cause chronic vaginal health issues. Inserting sex toys, tampons, vaginal cups and condoms is advisable, however, insertion of cucumbers, bananas or candles for attaining pleasure is fatal. The textures of these products cause severe irritations. [Also Read: What Are The Daily Habits Which Are Harmful For Women]

Don’t Use The Same Pad For Long:

Using the same sanitary napkin throughout the day can cause bacteria to grow in the area down there. Therefore, it may cause severe infection besides itching and redness. You must change your pad 2-3 times in a day irrespective of the blood flow to avoid infections.

Avoid Vaginal Creams:

All you ladies out there want your private part to be full of fragrance. For this, you use various scented products which have hazardous chemicals and may ruin your vaginal health. Moreover, following the natural remedies for vaginal odour or yeast infections are not always a good idea. [Also Read: What are the mistakes you are committing during periods every month]

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