What all are the facts which every woman must know about fertility

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What all are the facts which every woman must know about fertility

Women everywhere face the issues related to fertility. However, often they don’t know much about the issue of their own fertility. A woman’s fertility is not just about her reproductive health or getting pregnant. It is much more than that. Your fertility is related to the hormonal balance and the overall health of a woman. Being a woman means you have to be extra aware of your reproductive health as only a woman has the power to create a human being. So, every woman must know certain things related to a woman’s fertility. (Also read: What are the side effects of smoking on women)

The right weight
Many women deal with weight-related issues. Your weight also has an impact on your fertility. The fat of your body is directly linked to the production of estrogen in the body. So, when your weight is more than required or less than, it might lead to problems during ovulation.

How does the birth control pills affect your fertility?
Most women have this misconception that if you use birth control pills as a method of contraception then your fertility will decrease. However, this is just a myth, birth control pills have no effect on your fertility in future. With the passing on time, most of the women start losing their egg count naturally. It all happens in a natural way without any involvement of the birth control pills. The birth control pills only stop the process of ovulation when you are taking them.  (Also read: What Are The Most Shocking Myths About Pubic Hair)

Exercising on a regular basis has an infinite number of benefits. Same is the case with woman’s fertility. Exercises like running, aerobics etc. help to improve the fertility of a woman.  However, women should try to avoid high-intensity workout as it impacts the energy level of the body, which in turn affects the fertility of the body.

The time of menopause is genetic
If your mom had a case of early menopause then there are chances that you might also face a case of early menopause. Your mother’s menopause history impacts your current cycle as well. The woman who had the menopause at 45 has a lesser amount of AMH (anti-Müllerian hormone) in comparison to a woman who had menopause when she was 55. Fertility is linked to your genetics as well. Problems like endometriosis are also genetic.

IUD doesn’t cause infertility
People think IUD or Intrauterine Device is a hindrance in case of fertility but the truth is IUD doesn’t have an impact on your fertility. You can have a normal fertility cycle despite going to IUD or Intrauterine Device.(Also read: What are the signs that you must visit your gynaecologist at once)

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