Why wearing an ordinary bra during the breastfeeding is not safe

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Why wearing a bra during the breastfeeding is not safe

A lot of women have a question of whether wearing a bra during the breastfeeding phase is safe or not? However, in simple terms, we can say that wearing a bra is not a harmful practice but a woman should choose the right bra. The regular bra does not provide proper support to the breasts and as the breasts size tends to grow during this time, therefore a good bra is necessary. However, the nursing mother should also take care of the fact that wearing a bra for the whole day might affect the production of breast milk. It may thus cause hindrance to the process of milking the baby. Let’s find out whether wearing a bra during breastfeeding is safe or not. (Also read: What are the various foods which are harmful to the vaginal health)

Why wearing a bra during the breastfeeding is not safe?

Do not wear an underwire bra: According to the health experts, a breastfeeding mother should not opt for an underwire bra. Wearing an underwire bra lays pressure on the breasts so much so that they result in pain. Besides this, it also causes so much uneasiness and tenderness of breasts that it becomes extremely painful and uneasy for the mother.

Breast size changes: If you have just undergone the delivery and breastfeeding your baby, you must opt for a right bra. The breasts undergo a lot of changes during the process of milking. There is a constant change in the breast size. It even affects the milk production as well. (Also read: What are the unhealthy habits that lead to irregular periods)

Breastfeeding leads to mastitis: The inflammation and pain in one of the breast are known as Mastitis. It is a very common problem with the breastfeeding mother and leads to a lot of pain. In some cases, it can even happen to a non-breastfeeding mother as well. It generally happens due to the infection during the milking process.

Restricts the flow of blood: Wearing an underwire bra often restricts the proper blood flow in the breast area. It thus leads to the problem of closed ducts and often leads to an obstacle in the milk production as well.

Which is an ideal bra for a breastfeeding mother?
If you are facing all the discomforts while wearing an underwire bra, you must choose a maternity bra. They are made up of soft and comfortable material which provides support to the bra. It does not even lead to pain and uneasiness around the breast area. Besides this, a maternity bra helps to initiate the production of milk as well. As the breast size keeps on changing during this process, maternity bra is quite flexible for the same.

Thus, it is always better to choose the right bra while you are nursing your baby. (Also read: What are the various skin problems one can get after sex)

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