What Are The Warning Signs Say The Your Vagina Is Unhealthy

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What Are The Warning Signs Say The Your Vagina Is Unhealthy

Vagina has various traits which vary from person to person. Many times you get a white discharge from the vagina. It itches, bleeds, create spots and sometimes it smells. These all are the regular traits which make your body normal and keeps the vagina healthy. But sometimes, these symptoms become excessive and make your vagina unhealthy which can directly affect your entire health. Hence, every girl should be aware of these signs which indicate the bad condition of your vagina. So, we have come up with these warning signs which will help you to understand your vaginal health better. Moreover, these signs can make you aware of your sexual and menstrual health. Have a look. (Also Read: What Are The Things You Should Not Put Inside Your Vagina)

Excessive itching and burning signs:
An excessive amount of itching and irritation down there can be a warning sign. You may have developed a huge bacterial interference inside it. Your vagina may contain harmful bacteria which can create skin infections, warts, pimples etc. That is why the vagina is burning too. Moreover, an overproduction of yeast can result in a yeast infection in your genitals.

Discoloration and continuous discharge:
The natural discharge from your vagina regularly makes it lubricating and prevents dryness. Other than that, these regular discharges can flush away the bacterial interference. But, if your vaginal starts secreting a lot of discharge which is excessive and unconventional then you should be a little aware of these problems. Even sometimes the colour of the discharge changes and creates a bad odour. This may be a warning sign. You may have STD. So, consult this with your doctor. (Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odour Easily)

Bleeding during and after intercourse:
Many women find it as a common problem. But if this happens every time, then you need a medical attention. If your vagina bleeds during or after intercourse, it might indicate a vaginal infection. Other than that, STDs like chlamydia or vaginal dryness can also cause bleeding.

Vaginal dryness:
Vaginal dryness once in a while is absolutely perfect. But, if this is happening to you quite often, you may need to talk to your doctor. Although, if this is happening in menopause, it’s fine. Moreover, dryness in your vagina can cause bleeding during sex and indicates that you need medical attention. (Also Read: How To Avoid And Soothe Sanitary Napkin Rashes)

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