What are the warning signs of leukemia that every woman should know

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What are the warming signs of leukemia that every woman should know

People think of leukaemia as a child’s cancer, but this is certainly true. Basically, it is a type cancer of the blood cells. Leukaemia happens when the number of white blood cells in the body. Then the white blood cells start overpowering the red blood cells and the platelets in the body. For a healthy body, it is important for all the part of blood cells to work efficiently without overcrowding one and another. However, there are few warning signs of leukaemia that every woman should watch out for. (Also read: Menstrual cups, sanitary pads or tampons: Which one is better for you)

Pale skin

This is a very common skin. There are many possible reasons for pale skin. However, if your pale skin problem is not going away then there is a chance of leukaemia. This happens because this kind of cancer kills the growth of new blood cells which leads to pale skin.

Heavy Bleeding

Many women experience heavy bleeding normally during periods. However, if you notice excessive bleeding then it might be due to leukaemia. It happens due to deterioration of the red blood cells and that reflects on your periods.  (Also read: What happens when you don’t change your tampon regularly)


If you feel that you are constantly drained out of energy and you feel tired all the time then it is not a good sign. Chronic fatigue is a serious problem. If you face it every now and then, then you might have this condition.

Infections or fever

For living, the life in a healthy way it is important for your blood cells to function in the right manner.  If you face fevers and infection regularly then you must take it seriously as it might be a sign of leukaemia.

Healing in a slow manner

When people have a normal and healthy blood cells, they work on repairing the bruises and cuts efficiently. However, if you have an onset of leukaemia it might affect your healing. So, it is important to watch out for these signs.  (Also read: How to take care of your skin during periods)

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